May 14, 2014

Have You Tried Linkedin Paid Marketing Yet?

Linkedin Paid Marketing
I have always wondered about marketing on Linkedin, because it has a very niche reach and people login there to connect with others professionally, not for fun.

Which kind of people can market on Linkedin and how?

I got the answers once I started a paid campaign in this network. Niche reach is the strength of this channel and definitely not for those who come for fun on any social network.

For any marketing campaign the target audience is very important and Linkedin provides variety of options to reach the most targeted range. But it is more beneficial for products & services that serves professionally, such as job sites, software, corporate gifts etc. People say it is very effective for B2B products and majority will agree to that.

Following are the advantages of Linkedin paid marketing:
  • Geographically you can target till state level.
  • If you know which companies can benefit from your products you can specifically target them. If any employee from that company has added it in his/her profile they will be eligible to see your ad.
  • Apart from any specific company, industry verticals can also be targeted.
  • Company size is another way of determining where to show your ads. If your products require huge number of employees in a company then it can be targeted.
  • Job title is one of most unique targeting criteria provided by Linkedin. As most of the B2B products addresses specific job owner. by using this criteria, ads can be shown to the most targeted person only. For eg. an office stationary provider would like to target office admin or purchase officers rather than CEO or VP of the companies.
  • Other targeting options are school, skills, group, gender & age.
  • Text & video ad formats can be used.
  • Lead collection bar can be added along with ads, so that targeted user can request to connect with you on Linkedin.
  • If you have a company page, then you can sponsor your posts to show on your target audience's linkedin home page, apart from your followers.
In every marketing tool there are few subscripts that has to be read carefully. Following is some information that anyone would like to know before starting a marketing campaign in any channel:
  • There is no bulk creation mechanism. Ads has to be added one after another manually.
  • Minimum budget for starting a campaign is $10.00.
  • Minimum bid required for text ads is $2.00 and video ads is $4.00.
  • The character limit for text ads is: 25 characters for headline & 75 characters for description line.
  • For video ads the length should not be longer than 30 seconds and the resolution should be 360px.
  • Reports are very precise. You can see a drill-down of categories clicked on the ad, in percentage.
  • It takes 1 complete day for getting the ads reviewed and start.
Linkedin is a marketing medium that leads you to the most targeted people. If your products and services require tightly targeted audience, then this channel can work for you.

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