Apr 7, 2014

33 Search Engine Optimization Points for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners
I am a paid search marketing professional and a blogging enthusiast, but a beginner in search engine optimization world. After reading few articles & blogs on search engine optimization, I have understood that it’s a long term activity, way longer than the paid search optimization, I am habitual of doing. My fellow SEO professionals were happy to help me in understanding the process and I really found it much more interesting than I assumed.

SEO is equivalent to nurturing a plant, without knowing when it will start showing fruits or flowers. Ignore it for a while and all that hard work will shrink into a parched piece of stem. It really asks for lots of hard work and dedication.

I have numbered down everything found from blogs, articles and my colleagues about search engine optimization and here is that comprehensive list:
  1. Identify traffic generating & achievable keywords for positioning your website on search engines
  2. Write click-worthy titles and descriptions. Unique for every page of the website
  3. Create clean, focused and optimized URLs
  4. Write a great meta description
  5. Use simple and memorable domain name
  6. Optimize your website structure with not more than 3 navigation towards any page
  7. Use Google+ to increase authorship
  8. Keep page less crowded of ads, extra links, references etc.
  9. Add social sharing
  10. Create compelling & unique content
  11. Start a blog and participate with other related blogs
  12. Utilize guest blog posting to earn quality links
  13. Disavow links from poor quality pages
  14. Install web analytics in all the web pages while starting
  15. Use keywords relevant to the destination page as anchor text when linking internally
  16. Leverage the free webmaster tools, search engines provide
  17. Make html & xml sitemaps
  18. Alt tag all your images with relevant keywords
  19. Use 301 & 404 redirects wherever necessary
  20. Keep a track of added and removed pages from your website
  21. Keep watch on your competition
  22. Understand that SEO results are not instant
  23. Keep a track of search engine algorithm updates and make necessary changes
  24. Don’t copy or spin content from other websites
  25. Use stats, charts, graphs, infographics, videos to engage users
  26. Target one keyword per page on your website
  27. Don’t worry much about page rank, focus more on engaging your visitors
  28. Keep a report of where you are ranking on targeted keywords
  29. Use a proportionate mix of branded and targeted keywords while building links
  30. Work hard for high quality backlinks
  31. Keep a check on your page load time. Make necessary changes to keep it perfect
  32. Build and optimize mobile version of the website as well
  33. Perform all kind of tests relevant to improve your website usability
There still be many other things about SEO I have not included here, but I think these 33 pointers will give any beginner a good start. Please feel free to comment if I forgot to mention something important in this post.

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