Apr 23, 2014

9 Simple Ways to Build Quality Email Lists for Marketing

Email Marketing List Building
Email marketing is one of the oldest and cost effective mediums of online marketing. It has been there since the age of evolution in cyber world. My first introduction to internet happened with creating a virtual address in a mailing server for sending and receiving communications from around the world and there was no end to my wonder, about how it just happens in minutes.

Sending and receiving emails has become an integral part of all our lives and it seems it was always there, which makes it one of the preferred choices of marketing in most of the firms. But before using email marketing, it is very important that people opt-in for your communications. Your email list should evolve as a result of consumer interest not yours.

Don’t even think about sending 1000 mails to random people and assume that at least 100 will stick. It is not only a waste of resources but a waste of credibility as well. You don’t want to label yourself as a junkie, do you?

There are many elegant ways to gather contact information of your target audience without being annoying to anyone:

#1 Opt-in or Contact Forms

Who else could be the most targeted audience than those who themselves want to get contacted? If you own a website, then you have to have a section for people to submit their contact information, at least name and email address and then it’s your due responsibility to get back to them regularly.

Contact forms can act as top contributor in email marketing list. It should be short and simple with attractive call to action to entreat your website visitor’s interest.

#2 Blog Subscribers

Those who are interested in reading a lot would come from this source to you. They are content hunters and content amplifiers as well. Do not mix them with your regular mailing list. You can use them for spreading your content material such as videos, ebooks, product reviews etc. rather than marketing directly to them.

#3 Give & Take

If your company is willing to give anything for free as a marketing effort than you can trade it for prospect’s contact information. Such as, free ebook on wardrobe collection of a celebrity or a fashion magazine at the exit of a physical location. You can provide these giveaways in return to contact information of the visitors. Anyone would be happy to get something without paying any money.

#4 Online Conferences and Webinar

This option is good when you are selling B2B products and it requires a demonstration before anyone can purchase. You can host your demonstrations through a webinar and invite people through social circles. More and more people register for your webinar, more and more email addresses you will collect for your marketing purpose.

#5 Offline QR Codes

We have already talked about online opt-ins for your website visitors, but what about people who get to know you through offline marketing sources. You can link your online opt-in forms with QR codes and publish it in your offline marketing materials. This will just take a moment of your offline visitors to scan the code and sign-up for your marketing communications through mobile devices or tablets.

#6 Business Cards from Offline Events

Trade shows, music shows, talent hunt etc. are some events usually conducted by organizations to grab customer attention. What if more could be derived from these events? Yes you just have to let them share their business cards or assign a small attendee card after collecting their contact information, to participate in the event.

#7 Add Options for Forwarding Emails

You would have noticed “Forward to a Friend” or “Forward this email” icon in few emails. You may think when almost all the email applications have this option, then why to provide a separate button for this. But can you recall the last time you forwarded any promotion email to your friend or a relative on your own? I don’t think so.

This small call to action button helps people think in that direction. That is why people also keep social sharing buttons in all their email communications. Your existing email subscribers can help you in building more subscribers, so don’t leave this chance unused.

#8 Check Sales, Info, Marketing and Enquiry Emails

Always check your company’s general email address such as sales@yourcompanynme.com or info@yourcompanyname.com, which are intended for those visitors who want to contact you directly with some question, feedback or other requests. You may find many junk emails in these accounts, but you may lose a genuine subscriber, if left this place unchecked.

These visitors have equal weightage as opt-in subscribers, because the request for communication has been willingly initiated by them.

#9 Email Address in Return to Discount Coupons

It is not a bad idea to provide discount to your future buyers. Those who will opt for these coupons are definitely the most interested buyers/triers for your products and services. This way you are not only grabbing customer attention, but acquiring their contact information as well.

Hunting data for your email marketing is an ongoing process. More subscribers in your list will result in increased popularity of your brand and vice-versa.

Image: Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

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