Apr 1, 2014

Did Anyone Try Google AdBirds - The New Ad Format

When I logged in to one of my Adwords accounts today, I saw a notification saying "Let Your Ads Take Flight with AdBirds" and right there I was excited to try this new format of advertising. Following is the screenshot of process to create this ad:

google adbirds

It gave me an impression that my account has been chosen for some beta test by Adwords and I started imagining how would it work? May be they will stick some messages on real birds, or there will be a virtual bird sitting somewhere on Google search page and will fly in when something relevant is searched and dozens of other creative thoughts occupied my brain.

The ad format is very close to text ads, something like headline as "Beak", description line 1 as "Head", description line 2 as "Wings" and display url as "Tail Feathers".

Available birds and their targeting factors are given as follows:

  • Sparrow: Small, quick and efficient.
  • Owl: A great option for those with nocturnal business hours.
  • Duck: Available at most parks and community areas.
  • Eagle: Broad audience reach. *Majestic birds may require a higher bid.
  • Pigeon: Best for large cities with crowds of people.
  • Penguin: Best for cold arctic regions. *Limited to location, as they can't fly.

I was impressed after checking all these options and amazed that how creatively Adwords system has pulled everything together. I filled all the fields required in the ad format and selected "Pigeon" according to my target area and pushed the "Let it fly!" button.

Some of you may have guessed it by now. What I got after that:

google adbirds april fools day

Ha Ha Ha!

This is really a creative way to engage with your existing customers, at many small occasions. I was feeling cheated, but what else April Fools' Day is all about?

Happy April Fools' Day!

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