Mar 10, 2014

How to Write a Blog Post Title That Doesn't Kill Reader's Interest

Are you a beginner blogger like me? Do you also research a lot for blog title ideas while starting a blog? Personally I think it doesn't matter, it just has to be like a girl’s dress, “long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain the interest”. But knowing other’s opinion is as important as we want our opinions to be known by others. So I started reading about it. You will be amazed like I was to learn that there is a whole lot of science behind this.

From majority of articles about character length of the blog titles, it came out that 65-70 characters is ideal for search engine listings, as well as your targeted audience. A blog title with this length can easily be scanned in 2 seconds, which gives the reader enough time to decide whether to read full blog or not.

There are four main parts of blog writing – Title, Structure, Content and Conclusion. It is worth spending 50% of your efforts in deciding blog topics, as it will push the readers towards other three levels of the blog.

Anatomy of Blog Post Titles

Blog titles are made of three big elements – Keyword, Blog Extract & Expression.

Keyword: The main terms about the blog that already have some search volume. You can easily find them by just typing a term about your blog subject in google search bar and it will suggest the top searched terms by other users in google.

Blog Extract: The heart of whole blog in few words. Weather it is a help, a new idea, useful data, a problem or some analysis. You have to blend the blog extract with the keywords to convert it into a meaningful title.

Expression: It is about adding some feelings to the title. Such as many people put their title as a question for readers to hit a feeling of solution in the blog; many blogs are divided into steps to raise a feeling of ease to readers and some bloggers like to build sensation or aggression through titles by using exclamations or repeating some words. You can use any according to your writing style.

Helpful Tips

Write for Humans – The main goal of writing a blog is to get recognition from readers. If you are putting too much efforts in fitting keywords in the title and less consideration towards the meaning and grammar then it is a total waste of time and efforts

Customize the URL – Almost all the blogging platforms provide an option to customize the blog url. Make good use of it by adding other variation of key terms there. It need not resemble the blog title so you can get rank in search engines for other variation of keyword as well.

Use numbers – Using numbered list is in fashion among blog titles, so leverage it to best.

Use questions – Asking your readers a question for which even they want an answer, is a good starter point. It always gives a hint of usability and new ideas.

Start a conversation – Try addressive tone in blog title such as “Are You a Freelancer? We Have Some Data for You”. It works well if you are addressing a bigger segment.

Solve a problem – If you are an expert of certain field then you must know the usual problems of that field. You can easily write a title saying “Best Solution for XXX Issue” or “5 Ways to Confront XXX”

Teach something – You might have come across hundreds of “how to” blogs. This kind of blog title points towards learning trick and techniques and attract huge user base.

Be social – Nowadays when people read something interesting they tend to share it with their networks. Your blog title length should be good enough to look good in all social networks. Just follow the 65-70 character rule.

Use dictionary – Make use of dictionary to find synonyms of certain terms which look better while reading, such as using “Leverage” in place of “Use”.

Copy shamelessly – Not talking about the content but the ideas. If you found an interesting title from a competitor’s blog then don’t hesitate to use it for your next blog post but with a different subject.

Don’t lie – Many blogs use adjectives such as Amazing, Killer, Best etc and it looks attractive. But if the blog doesn't have any of these elements then don’t use them. You may lose a reader for your next blog.

Don’t make it too personal – If you want the blog to reach beyond your friends and family circle then don’t use a title that looks too much about yourself. Even if whole content is based upon your personal experience, keep a general title so others can relate to it.

For whom it is not important

Though we are talking about importance of writing blog titles, there is a set of bloggers that doesn’t need to put huge efforts in this part of blogging.

Old Writers - These are the people who have already earned millions of followers and howsoever they write becomes a trend.

Public Figure – Celebrities and popular people don’t have to worry too much about the titles but the controversies.

Non-Enthusiasts – These people write for a predefined audience and have no interest in attracting more readers such as scientists, doctors, counsellors etc.

Important for whom

Nothing less but every blogger who do not belong to above mentioned groups has to take care of blog titles, because they have to gain readership, appreciation, comments and authority as a writer.

Successful Blog Title Examples

12 Quick Tips to Search Google Like an Expert – Hubspot Blog

What 80% Of Employers Do Before Inviting You For An Interview – Huffington Post

What’s Missing from Your Company’s Branding Standards? – Inboud Marketing Agents

Eight Things You Should Do Before Anything Else in Your Hotel Room – Huffington Post

Worst Blog Title Examples

My First Post

What I Ate For Breakfast

How to Make Hospital Corners or: My Life in Dustbunnies

My Colonoscopy (A Video Blog)


It is very important to optimize blog post titles for targeted readers, social sharing and search engine listings. But take care that you are not going too far with optimized titles over meaningful/relevant titles. Take all the liberty to make it catchy and sharable.

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