Feb 10, 2014

Typical Paid Search Campaign's Optimization Schedule

When I was in school, whole world around me seems to be running on time-tables. Get up at 6:00 AM, get ready for school, finish the homework then breakfast, reach school at 9:00, attend classes according to the time-table, then lunch at 12:00, get home by 3:00, have supper, run for extra tuition classes at 4:00, come back at 6:00, eat something, play for 2 hours or watch television, have dinner, finish any project given by school teacher, get to bed by 10:00 PM and finally sleep for a next day to begin. I always wanted Sundays to happen twice a week!

Quite a refresher huh?

I used to think - what is the benefit of running on time-tables or schedules? Would we find an apocalypse if we don't do that?

After getting out of that small world to online marketing industry, I have learned that not planning the work ahead is no less than an apocalypse for the job we are meant to do. Specially when money is involved we should better be prepared for every next day, week, month and even quarter to keep the results in our hands, rest will definitely depend upon the external market conditions.

I specialize in Paid Search Campaigns so I would like to share the schedule I mostly use for optimizing the client accounts, keeping days and timings different for all.

Do keep in mind that frequency of optimization depends upon search volume and daily budget of the account. For example, one of your account spends less than $100 a day and the search volume is low, then you should reduce the frequency of bid optimization from once a week to once a fortnight. In another example, if an account has high search volume and your daily budget gets sucked very easily, then raise the frequency of optimization because quality score changes with every impression and if your impressions are occurring fast you have to optimize fast.

Following is a typical schedule, I started following after optimizing many PPC accounts:

Let me know how you feel about the schedule, I am open for anything new to learn.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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