Feb 3, 2014

How to Begin With a Twitter Account

I am not an expert with twitter accounts but have quite good experience with starting an account, sharing things for a while and then leave it because of no followers. It took me a lot of reading to understand how it works. You have to earn the followers rather than just buzzing some random content and assume people will follow automatically. I have seen many accounts with thousands of tweets but few hundred followers.

I recently started a twitter account and devised some steps to follow strictly and gain good followers. I started seeing some initial success, so thought of sharing the same with other beginners like me.

Step 1: First of all just accept the fact that we are beginners in twitter and followers won’t grow naturally. So we have to employ some extra efforts to gain followers attention and trust.

Step 2: Select the tools to manage and monitor twitter account and learn about them. Some good tools are bufferapp, twitterfeed, tweepdash, twitteranalyzer, TwitterGrader etc.

Step 3: Build a twitter persona of your page. Anyone visiting that page should understand in seconds, what the page is all about. Write simple bio with your website or blog url if you have. Definitely add a pic in profile image. Customize the header background and page background according to your profile.

Step 4: Start tweeting not just about you or the company products but general views, industry news, photos, videos etc. Go with a schedule to do it regularly. If you are not able to do it yourself regularly then use tweet scheduling tools and set it up once a day or week.

Step 5: Follow other twitter users who are related to you in terms of thoughts, industry, interest etc. Don’t do too much of it, limit the numbers to 5-10 follow a day or 30-40 a week. Regularly following people from a specific interest group makes your profile pop in “Who to follow” list of other relevant twitter profiles.

Step 6: Follow back your followers, not all but the ones you feel are relevant to the topics you mostly tweet about. Only the relevant followers engage in twitter conversations, so they are valuable. That is why buying the followers or bulk following just for the sake of gaining back more followers is unnecessary. You can do that if your job is only to increase the followers for twitter profiles.

Step 7: Learn to make use of #hashtags and twitter handles to publish your tweets in relevant areas.

Step 8: Interact! Yes you cannot just care about what you think, but you have to listen what others think as well. Don’t indulge in a habit of set it and forget it. Regularly visit your @connect tab to see who has replied what on your tweets, which tweet got favorited and which ones got retweeted. Don’t hesitate to reply back on replies and continue a healthy conversation.

Step 9: Once you start noticing that your followers are coming naturally to you, just lower the number of new users you follow on a daily or weekly basis.

Within few days of following above steps I have started noticing natural increase in number of followers to my twitter account. By natural followers I mean the number of followers to my profile started getting higher than the number of people I was following on a daily basis. Hope you will notice that too. Add any new idea that you find is not mentioned here for beginning and managing a twitter account.

My twitter account is @clickadtrix Follow it, if you can relate to my twitter profile.

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