Feb 17, 2014

How B2B Online Marketing in US will Sail Forward

Business to business (B2B) marketing doesn't work with the same keys as for business to consumer (B2C) marketing. Efforts have to be more magnified but the conversion cycle churns slower. Many times I try to find out the perfect recipe for B2B marketing on web, there are very few websites that are indulged in research about online marketing trends. I found a very interesting graph
about how B2B marketers in US are planning to allocate their budget on various online activities.

From above graph, it comes out that marketing efforts through mobile and online videos are going to see a surge in 2014. The obvious reason for growth in mobile marketing can be the demand of responsive web designs in search engine algorithms. Every website owner want to optimize his site for mobile visitors which will definitely give a push to marketing on mobile devices.

For surge in marketing through online videos is a result of increased availability of creative and technological resources. It just takes a search engine to look for free video editing resources; and mobile devices with high definition cameras have made everything possible which was not the case even two years ago.

Seeing this trend I am eager to learn more about global B2B marketing trends. I am regularly searching for the facts and figures related to digital marketing. If anything interesting comes up, it will definitely be shared with the blog followers. Meanwhile if you come across any interesting source, please share at info.clickadtrix@gmail.com

Image Source : http://www.emarketer.com/Article/B2B-Marketers-Up-Spend-on-Content-Mobile-2014/1010541/1

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