Jan 14, 2014

Why Some Content Spread Like Viral?

We go through many articles, blogs, photos, info-graphics, presentations in a month, but there are very few that actually come back to us again and again through different channels. Are you one of those who think it's just a coincidence?

Lots of hard work is engaged behind creation of that coincidence, right from building the content till spreading it and then responding positively to the interactions and then thinking about the next cycle of content generation.
Image Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net by ddpavumba

It just doesn't happens in a day, a month or a quarter to build the credibility for reading materials published from a source. I have worked with many content creators in past few years and noticed that most of them quit within 6 months after starting, due to no or less recognition. But the actual benefit is beyond that wall of 6 months of hard work. Those who continued trying can proudly claim the feeling they have, when their content starts getting shared and appreciated around.

Apart from becoming a credible source, following are some factors that are responsible for giving instant raise to any content:

1. Credible Personality: Sometimes it is not the thing that is said but the conveyor makes it special and to become that kind of conveyor is another deal altogether.

2. Leader of Industry: People who are proclaimed leaders in a specific industry due to their continuous hard work and contribution to the industry can easily establish their words within the people pertaining in that circle.

3. Sensitive Topic: The amount of sensation a topic creates is pretty much a decider point for its wide reach. Sensational content is one of the strongest pillars for news magazines and channels.

4. Social Networkers: People who are daily engaged in social networking in terms of sharing, discussing, liking various topics, can multiply the reach of any content in the relevant marketplace. But to become that person is not an easy job either.

5. Loyal Employee Base: Companies with good loyal number of employees always have ruling thumb in terms of cracking a content for free. Content creator of that company just has to push a mail to all their employees with a request to share that piece in their friend circles.

6. Humanity Cause: In today's world where people have seldom time for real time social work, they don't mind spreading any content on social networks that contains message, which can be very helpful for the society. It goes viral in a while even if it is not said by a prominent personality or institution.

If you are a beginner and want to create such a content that can travel like air, then you just have to keep posting and keep trying to make that content meet any of the above six factors to amplify the reach. Even I have quit blogging many times due to no proper guidance on how to make the content travel. But this time I am going to try harder. Wish me luck!

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