Aug 30, 2013

B2B Marketing! I am in Trouble.

Feeling stuck before writing a media plan for a B2B product/service? It is fair enough to be worried about marketing a b2b products or services. Following are the reasons to be worried about:

  • Differentiating between target audience and targets of target audience is difficult. Suppose you have to sell medical equipment in bulk for hospitals, there will be people who look for medical equipment for personal use as well. How would you make only doctors and physicians to look for the products?
  • Acquisition cost is higher because marketing resources and mediums serving for b2b products are costlier.
  • Prospects take more time for conversion than b2c consumers.
There is less you can do about it. Let's check what this less has for you:
  • You can either say yes for everything your client asks or give them a real perspective before signing up the contract. If that goes smooth you have won the half battle.
  • Keep patience and build your media plan that targets the audience narrowly. It's alright if you are not able to spend your full budget, but don't go after spending high and getting nothing.
  • Keep e-mail marketing at the top of the list. Personal interaction has more value than other one-way marketing channels.
  • Also host webinars if you have scope & speakers.
If nothing works then let it go. Online marketing works for many, but there are few verticals for which offline mediums work better.

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