Aug 27, 2013

8 Things to Take Care While Starting a Website

Building Website
Planning to launch a website? Thinking from where to start?

It is very easy to build a website and include it in the list of 3.58 billion other websites. The most difficult part is to include it in the list of those few, that stands out from those "other websites". It is no less task than producing a movie. You have to hide surprises at various parts of it.

In past few years the equation of user experience in relation to websites has changed a lot. I have seen people commenting about the website logos, domain names, image sizes, font size, load time and what not. You have to tame every possible element of your website that can contribute to user experience. Remember visitors are the people who can make any website hit top positions in the charts in few days.

Think like a layman who don't know anything about internet, websites, data etc. Then imagine how easy you can make it for him to navigate through your website. Following are few general practices that helps in making a well-to-do websites:

  1. Get it designed by a professional: You should take professional help if you are serious about launching a website. You can ask for technical help later as well.
  2. Keep good proportion of image & text: A website should nor be full of colorful distractions neither look like a whitepaper. Choose a balanced look & feel.
  3. Navigation & usability: A website has to be easy to browse through. It just takes a swish to hit X button if user is not able to find what he is looking for.
  4. Home page can look different: Home pages are the face of your websites and will be remembered as you set it. Put good effort for designing the home page.
  5. Think about tracking in advance: It is very important to track and analyze visitors of your website. Keep in mind which kind of tracking system you will follow and what it requires for proper implementation. Check if it is compatible with the codes & programs you are using. After all you don't want to keep guessing from where your visitors are coming and spending time in which section of your website.
  6. Keep  marketing plan ready: If you want good amount of visitors you have to think about medium to reach them. If you are thinking about social medium then create all the pages and groups in social networks well before website is ready because names can be booked by others if the website is already live. If you want to follow paid search and display advertising then prepare for the budget according the expected visitors on the website.
  7. Check all technical aspects: If you are building website for masses then take care of page performance before making it live. Things like load time, bandwidth, down time can cause major issues in terms of credibility. You may lose visitor loyalty or website ranking even if your site was down just for a while.
  8. Communication: You must decide how are you going to address queries of visitors. You can add FAQ section, provide a feedback form or navigate them to social pages or groups made for your website. Keeping your visitors happy will earn you loyalty for long term.
The essence of all the above points is to prepare, prepare and prepare. Take good time to research and prepare yourself with all the tools and techniques for handling/engaging end users. You can check all good websites and find that they do the same.

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