Aug 12, 2013

Ad Scheduling - Significant to Whom?

Ad scheduling is a feature provided by Adwords, with which one can automate the pausing and un-pausing of campaigns at particular hours of a day. But is this feature useful for all advertisers? Yes we all know the answer - it's not! So let's just see for who all this feature works:

1. The websites that are updated regularly with fresh deals and product offerings bidding sites, special offer sites, movie ticket booking sites etc.

2. The website owners that do not provide 24X7 customer services.

3. Weekday offer sites.

4. Targeted audiences login timings are pre-defined, such as office goers search for necessary products mostly during lunch hours.

There are few limitations to keep in mind while opting in for Ad Scheduling options:

1. It is applicable only at campaign level.

2. Only 6 time units can be scheduled in one campaign.

3. It is does not work well for brand campaigns.

4. It effects the average positions, everytime the ad re-starts as per the schedule.

Though these are small things but effect the campaigns big time. So before choosing ad scheduling feature be sure that you need it.

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