Aug 29, 2013

Why Adwords Editor?

There are thousands of pay per click (PPC) advertisers in this world who use Adwords for their day to day advertising and website traffic needs because it is an easy interface with clearly defined instructions on every step. There are so many tools available for free in Adwords for their advertisers. Such as analytics, reporting, ad preview, ads diagnostics, disapproved ads, keyword research tool, search based tool, traffic estimator tool and adwords editor.

I would like to talk about Adwords Editor because it makes your work faster and easier. You can download this tool from tools options available under OPPORTUNITIES tab. Click on "MORE TOOLS" option to see all the tools that are available under Adwords. The last tool that is mentioned in the list is "Adwords Editor". Download it and install in your system. You can find it by searching on Google also and download it. It is freely available for everyone.

Following are the things you can do easily with Adwords Editor (Assuming net speed of 256 kbps):

1. Bulk upload a campaign with thousands of keywords and multiple adgroups in minutes.
2. Edit bids of multiple keywords in few seconds.
3. Change the existing ads by deleting old ones and adding new ones.
4. Review all the changes to be done.
5. Export whole account in Excel sheet for creating backups of important settings.
6. Import backup of whole account through Excel sheet.
7. Works offline so you can keep your campaign changes ready, even if you cannot access internet and post the changes whenever you come online.
8. Replicate or shift the ads & keywords from one group to another by just drag and drop.

When you get use to Adwords Editor your worry of account management will be reduced. For small business advertisers who cannot hire a resource for his campaign management can really benefit a lot with this tool.

To learn more about Adwords Editor you can contact us to get detailed answers.

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