Aug 3, 2013

Google Promotion Codes in News

Nowadays lots of people who were advertising in Google Adwords are receiving some promotional coupons through with they can redeem upto Rs. 2500.00 worth clicks for FREE. There are certain terms and conditions, which are making advertisers unhappy to receive these coupons.
The terms and conditions are as follows:

1. This coupon is applicable only for the accounts that are less than 14 days old. So it's of no use for the advertisers whose keywords quality and account history is already built and creating a new account means starting from scratch. (Don't know how DUAL ACCESS policy works with this)

2. Pre-pay customers need to activate their account first by recharging it with minimum Rs. 500. Then only the free amount can be used.

3. Post-pay customers need to fax their credit card details in a "Authorization Form" along with front and back impressions of their credit cards. (This step is required due to changes in RBI rules for post-pay billing system in India.)
This rule applies to every post-pay user who is changing his credit card or billing details.

There are no problems as such with the terms and conditions but it is beneficial for new advertisers who get encouraged to use Adwords for advertising their products and services online. But what are the benefits of sending these codes to existing advertisers who don't want to keep two accounts or shift their campaigns to the new account.

I think it is not beneficial for new advertisers as well in long run, because there is no enough support provided by Adwords to guide them in how to effectively use Adwords. Though they have training program, most of the new advertisers who hail from small industries, don't know where to find this program. I want to suggest that every new Adwords account should actively prompt their advertisers to go through the learning center for product related knowledge.

I find great potential in Adwords program to grow in niche level market in India because now people have started relying on internet for their day to day knowledge scoop on any kind of products & services.

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