Jul 16, 2013

Placement Targeting Vs Keyword Targeted Content Network

Placement & keyword targeted content network are one of the ways of connecting to the users who visit to the websites that are related to the advertisers product and services. Most of the advertisers don't know when to enable keyword targeted content network, when to choose placement targeting and when not to use these options.

Keyword Targeted Content Network

Content network works with keyword targeted campaigns. By default it gets selected and users have an option to deselect it. It is useful for the websites that has a goal of brand creation and providing some useful information to the users. Content network can also be used for specific products that normal visitors are more likely to buy. The major advantage of choosing content network is its wide reach, but the campaign architecture is required to be very theamatic. If the advertiser is not able the design a campaign according to content network he may end up spending on irrelavant visits to his website.

The irrelevant visits through content network can be checked and stopped any time by running placement report. This report gives an idea on which all webpages your ads have received impressions & clicks. You can exclude such sites in Adwords, from where you are getting irrelavant visitors and improve the campaign performance.

The main disadvantage in keywords targeted content network is - you cannot strictly control the visibility of your ads on irrelavant sites. So choose the keyword targeted content network only when your product is meant for broad group, not the niche group.

Placement Targeted Content Network

Placement targeted campaigns show ads in Google's content network but here rather than theamatic groups advertisers are required to choose the websites where they want to show their ads. Placement targeted content network give full control to the advertisers in choosing highly relevant websites that will drive good & targeted traffic to their websites. With putting relevant keywords in the campaign, advertisers can target specific pages of the selected websites.

Don't Choose Content Network If:
  1. You sell products through your website and your main purpose is sale.
  2. You want actionable visits rather than casual visits.
  3. You are expecting high CTR in your campaign
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