Oct 25, 2013

When to Use Content Network in SEM

Using content network is an art of using display media for very targeted consumers. Unlike other display mediums, showing ads on websites that are related to your products and services can attract much more targeted traffic towards your online shop of products and services.

It can be a wise decision if you know the correct time and correct place for banner advertising on content network, but it can ruin your online marketing strategy if you don't know how to structure your campaign according to content network algorithms. Mostly people do not prefer keeping content network option on, because they do not get quality results out of it. But if done correctly it adds merit to online campaign.

Content network must be used in following conditions:
  • When the major goal of marketing is brand building.
  • When there is an off season and no demand of your products and services.
  • When you know the set of websites that can drive quality traffic to your websites.
Even if your marketing strategy doesn't fall under above mentioned points you can use content network. But there are some simple techniques of targeting content network in online advertising to get good results. The thumb rule is grouping. If you know how to group your keywords and write ads that relate to those keywords. There are few other things also that an SEM specialist has to do to make content network work for the campaign.

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