Jun 19, 2013

Google Adwords Certified Professional Roles & Responsibilities

Google Adwords is the advertisig interface of Google through which advertisers can post their ppc ads on Google search and content network. Anyone can signup in Google Adwords and create his campaign without any knowledge of coding or programming.
But everyone cannot create a successful campaign in Adwords. Most of the advertisers end up spending high for their ads and stop running their campaign and move towards conventional advertising options. It Just require some patience and lots of reasearch to know about Adwords.

Google provides certifications to the people who have worked on Adwords and studied it well. This certification is called Google Adwords Professional Certification, which is not so easy to clear. There are certain terms and conditions to appear in the exam which you can Read Here.

After being a certified Google Adwords Professional you get the credibility that you are well versed with all the operations of Google Adwords interface and you are the expert in handling PPC campaigns. After clearing GAP exam following are the responsibilities of any Google Adwords Professional:
  • Choosing the best structure for any PPC campaign.
  • Choosing correct keywords with correct match types.
  • Writing effective ad copies that comply with Google policies.
  • Doing time to time bid optimization to ensure correct ad positions.
  • Looking after best and poor performing elements of the campaign regularly.
  • Smart selection of timing and budget for the campaigns.
  • Selecting correct landing pages for every keyword.
There are uncountable qualities of an Adwords Professional. The major benefit of hiring a professional for your PPC campaign is that he knows how to better implement your money to convert it into great ROI. Clickadtrix has Certified Google Adwords professionals who can manage any kind of PPC campaign under compliance with Google Adwords Policies.

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