Nov 18, 2013

Choosing Adnetwork For Display Marketing

Choosing an ad network for your contextual advertising is very important. Nowadays content network is very important for traffic, branding and lead generation. When you are choosing an ad network agency, keep the below things in mind.

Inventory:- The publisher inventory is very important. Before you choose the network, try to check the inventory they have. Check the types of sites they have. Most of the ad network agencies are very fair in showing their publisher list. But if some one is hiding most of the information related to publisher then try to avoid them.

Geography:- Although internet is world wide, but try to choose the publisher those are related to your product and services. If you are in India but you get the network which work well in USA then there may be chances that you will not get relevant traffic.

Profiling of Customers:- Before taking decision any network just check the types of category they have. What's the traffic on the websites related to the products and service you want to market. If you avoid this point, then you may choose a wrong network and automatically loose relevant traffic.

Pricing:- When you talk with the network regarding the pricing they will quote you very high pricing which may be not in your budget. The best ways is to talk with various networks and try to find out the best price for you. Also start with a low budget and measure the results.

Measurability:- Measuring the efforts is very important. Choose the network where there is transparency in results. if the network is not very confident to show the measurably factors clearly, then try to avoid that.

What you are looking for:- Check what is your looking from your advertisement. what's your goal- lead generation, branding or traffic. See your requirements and choose the ad network accordingly. Its not necessary that the network which is giving good traffic means give required leads as well.

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