Dec 17, 2013

Significance of Yahoo, MSN & Country Specific Search Engines for Advertisers

Google is supposed to be the best search engine for marketing the products and services by online advertisers, because of its reach among internet users. But the popularity has its own disadvantages like high competition, high cost and sometimes high CPA.
Yahoo and MSN are other search engines which are popular among internet users and competition of advertisers is comparatively less than Google. Some other search engines are Rediff, Miva, Mirago, Looksmart, Guruji etc, but these are popular in specific countries.

It is good to not rely only on Google for the campaigns where conversions are important. To get maximum conversions other search engines can also be tested. Alteast 25% of the budget can be divided in Yahoo, MSN and other country specific search engines to see the profitability and then if response is good, the ration of budget can be increased.

Search engines apart from Google usually generate less traffic but sometimes the quality of traffic is better than Google and therefore the chances of conversions in other search engines are better. Competition in other search engines is less and therefore even with the less number of impressions the probability of getting clicks is higher than Google.

The difficulty in other search engine advertising interfaces apart from Adwords is their tools. Adwords provide such tools, features and options that make it easy for advertisers to use it. Even Yahoo has some tools that make it manageable but in other interfaces it is really difficult to edit the data or getting the reports. Because of which many advertisers don’t prefer search engines other than Google and Yahoo.

Putting time and effort in other search engines sometime don’t give any results, but a regular care and patience can return wonderful results.

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