Jun 10, 2013

Online Marketing Data Analysis and Graphs

A very important step under campaign optimization is analysis of data. What is PPC data? Where it comes from? How to use it for account optimization? Why it is so important? Are some questions that can arise in the mind of any person who is new to PPC. But experienced PPC Professionals can just play with it like
a cakewalk.

PPC data includes the details of impressions, clicks, CTR%(Click Through Rate), conversions, CR%(Conversion Rate), positions, bids, Keywords, Creatives, Adgroups that falls under PPC Campaigns.

There are three ways to get the PPC Data. First is very simple run a report in Adwords it will show data on the screen after completion of report. But in this case you cannot filter or alter the data after being generated. The second way of seeing the data is export the report in an excel sheet. The excel hunks use the excel formulas, tables and graphs to arrange the data in such a manner so that they can reach the conclusions easily. The third way to see the data is to use third party applications such as Dart Search, Make Me Top, Omniture etc to view the data and optimize it at the same place.

PPC data is basically collected to reach the conclusions and optimize the account accordingly. One simple example can be of few keywords in the account that are getting lots of impressions but no clicks, it concludes two things: one can be the position of those keywords is very low or another thing can be that adcreative is not attractive enough to catch the visitors. On the basis of these conclusions one will check for the position, current bid of the keywords and the adcreative associated with those keywords and then change them accordingly.

Data analysis is important because almost all the decisions regarding optimization are taken on the basis of data trends.

Graphs are equally important as the numbers in a report. It always backs your numerical facts. Mainly for them who have a boss who always want reasons and analysis for every action taken in the account (just joking).

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