Jun 1, 2013

Let Yor Adverts Catch the Eyes!

The second and very important thing in PPC is the ad creative or ad copy. This is the text which is read by the searchers to decide whether to click or not. Ad creative are one of the major factors responsible for CTR. If the ad copy is simple and informative it generally receives more clicks and the copy with complicated information and language receives less clicks.

There are certain things that can make an ad creative work miraculously:

Relevancy :- When we talk about keyword, ad creative and the landing page the first important thing is relevancy. A proper liaison between keywords, ad creative and landing page is very important for which, only those keywords should be use that are in landing page and then those keywords should be reflected in the ad creative.

Remember one thing that using keyword insertion in the ad creative doesn't mean that relevancy is improved because while evaluation search engines only consider the text used in the ad creative while uploading. It doesn't imagine the keyword insertion text replaced by the keyword of any ad group. So please properly group your keywords and then write the ad creative on the basis of the group.

Simplicity :- Use simple terms rather than long and complicated terms. Because a user take very less time in reading something and clicking on it online. If the language is not easily understandable then many people will bounce of from the ad text.

Informative :- Put as much qualities as you can put on the creative. If there are some special offers going on then compulsorily include them because it helps in boosting the sales up. The ad creative should express as much as possible about the products and services offered.

Correct Spellings, Grammer and Punctuation :- The ad text should be written correctly without spelling mistakes and abbreviations. Many search engines don't accept such ad creatives and disapprove them.

Correct and Meaningful Sentences :- In order to stuff more information in ad, the sentences in the ad creatives should not lose its meaning. While reading it should make proper sense. The ad text with less words and proper meaning perform better than meaningless, big sentences.

Call to action :- Call to action phrases are sentences that attract someone to perform some action like "Buy Now", "Order Now", "Visit Us" etc. These sentences make the ad look attractive and if an exclamation mark is used after these sentences than it looks good. But there are some action phrases that are not allowed in various search engines like "Click Here" or "Click Now" which refers to immediately perform some action.

Prohibited words in the ad :- There are certain words that cannot be used in the ad text without approval of search engine editorial team. Some of the examples of such words are:
  • Name of the products that are not allowed to sell without government permission.
  • Sex and Pornography related words.
  • Non prescribed Drugs.
  • Gambling related terms.
  • Arms, Guns and related terms etc.
Usage of above mentioned terms depends upon the legal decisions of any country. Some products could be legal in some countries and some could not be legal in other countries.

Following link tells about the Google ad text editorial policies. The policies in other search engines are more or less similar to these guidelines:

Google Adwords ad creatives editorial policies

The ad creative should always be tested and monitored properly. If some ad creatives are not receiving clicks even after getting lots of impressions, at a proper position then it should be changed immediately.

For each ad group at least two ad creatives should be uploaded and then after sometime the ad creative that has not performed well should be changed. This activity can be repeated twice a month. It helps in improvement in the performance month by month. You should keep testing the new ad creatives for the ad groups because you never know which one is the best for your campaign. If you keep same ad creative and it performs well then also other ad creatives should be tried to make sure nothing is left behind for best performance of the account.

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