Sep 18, 2013

Get Your Visitor to Come to Your Website Again and Again

The real success of a website is only when its have loyal visitors. After you startup your website, you will start getting some daily traffic. If you analyse your website traffic after few weeks you will see the trend that:
  1. Getting lots of unique visitors.
  2. very few repeat visitor.
  3. very high bounce rate on your website
  4. very low page view.
If your website is showing the above trend then its time to do some BIG and small changes in your website. There are various ways to get visitors visit your site again and again. Few of them are as follows:-
  • Make your website interactive by introducing chat or forums. This will give a casual feeling to your visitors. by doing so you are giving a platform to the users to chat and interact with other visitors. Also this will help to get new visitors as the loyal visitors will recommend your website to others.
  • Create a blog in your website. keep some current happenings and issues in your blog related to your service and product. By doing so your are not only making two way communication but also creating your credibility.
  • Starting a poll is a good way to make visitors visit your website again and again. But its more popular in infotainment site.
  • if you are a B to B service and product company, then you can start some case study and white papers on your success story.
  • The content is king. So keep your content always fresh. No one is interested to read same content again and again.
  • The load time of your website is also very much crucial. If a user click the link to go to your website, but the page is not loading. what he will do... definitely he will leave the page without any reading and will not visit again.
So next time when you are do brain storming about your loyal visitors, then keep the above checklist in mind. I am sure it will help you to get loyal VISITORS.

Also keep posting me other techniques and tips to generate loyal visitors.

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