Aug 14, 2014

New Banner Ad Dimensions Added in Adwords

Adwords New Banner Ad Dimensions
Few days back I noticed some new ad dimensions mentioned in Adwords when I was checking for it. Some of the new sizes are surprising, as they are too big. Following is the summary of now available dimensions for image ads in Adwords:

May 29, 2014

What is Penguin Update and How to Get Over It?

Penguin Update Recovery
A "Penguin Update" is a name for Google’s change in organic search result algorithm, which can change the ranking of many websites involved in deceitful link building activities. During this update, Google verifies all the links pointing towards a website on various parameters and downgrades/upgrades the search engine ranking of that website.

The period of 2010-2012 can be termed as a revolution in the field of link building. Almost all the website owners used to follow it as a ritual in SEO and ignored the quality of links they were building. But doing anything in excess definitely hurts one or the other day, which actually happened when more and more websites with poor user experience started outranking high quality websites in search results, which in turn made Google to take strict actions against those websites.

May 22, 2014

Important Learnings from Email Etiquette Training

Email Etiquette Training
Do you think email etiquette training is not required, if you have been sending and receiving emails, without any negative feedback? Even I had similar opinions until yesterday.

I accidentally entered an email etiquette training session, unaware of change in schedule of marketing collateral session. As I used to think of myself as an emailing pro, I thought to exit at the introductory slide, but then I realized that room was full and leaving the room would look offensive to the narrator, so I stayed and I really thank myself for this.

May 14, 2014

Have You Tried Linkedin Paid Marketing Yet?

Linkedin Paid Marketing
I have always wondered about marketing on Linkedin, because it has a very niche reach and people login there to connect with others professionally, not for fun.

Which kind of people can market on Linkedin and how?

I got the answers once I started a paid campaign in this network. Niche reach is the strength of this channel and definitely not for those who come for fun on any social network.

May 7, 2014

Some Really Good Channels for B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Strategies
Looking for some help with B2B marketing?

It is a tough nut to crack, because you are not trying to reach any random individual but the decision makers, who will request for a proposal only when they find a value in your products or services.

Next question that arise is - How would you make them aware of your products or services?

Apr 30, 2014

Stop Following These Most Common PPC Mistakes

Most Common PPC Mistakes
There is nothing wrong in making a mistake, but not admitting and rectifying that mistake is definitely a series of mistakes, to be named more than just wrong. In PPC marketing there are few mistakes that are easy to commit due to sheer ignorance, lack of enough time or other focus snatching issues.

Apr 23, 2014

9 Simple Ways to Build Quality Email Lists for Marketing

Email Marketing List Building
Email marketing is one of the oldest and cost effective mediums of online marketing. It has been there since the age of evolution in cyber world. My first introduction to internet happened with creating a virtual address in a mailing server for sending and receiving communications from around the world and there was no end to my wonder, about how it just happens in minutes.

Sending and receiving emails has become an integral part of all our lives and it seems it was always there, which makes it one of the preferred choices of marketing in most of the firms. But before using email marketing, it is very important that people opt-in for your communications. Your email list should evolve as a result of consumer interest not yours.

Apr 17, 2014

5 Strategic Places for PPC Marketing with Low Budget

Strategy for Low Budget PPC Marketing
As a PPC marketing professional I get all the chances to analyze various PPC projects with different combination of goals, budget, targets and networks. The most common and difficult combination I came across was, tight CPA goals, low budget, wide target and any choice of networks. Majority of small, medium & new businesses start with similar combination, but very few get through it successfully and move towards a larger budget and others just assume that they are at least reaching their target audience, so keep PPC marketing as a medium for brand building.

Is that all you could do in PPC, if you have a low budget?

Apr 7, 2014

33 Search Engine Optimization Points for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners
I am a paid search marketing professional and a blogging enthusiast, but a beginner in search engine optimization world. After reading few articles & blogs on search engine optimization, I have understood that it’s a long term activity, way longer than the paid search optimization, I am habitual of doing. My fellow SEO professionals were happy to help me in understanding the process and I really found it much more interesting than I assumed.

SEO is equivalent to nurturing a plant, without knowing when it will start showing fruits or flowers. Ignore it for a while and all that hard work will shrink into a parched piece of stem. It really asks for lots of hard work and dedication.

Apr 1, 2014

Did Anyone Try Google AdBirds - The New Ad Format

When I logged in to one of my Adwords accounts today, I saw a notification saying "Let Your Ads Take Flight with AdBirds" and right there I was excited to try this new format of advertising. Following is the screenshot of process to create this ad:

Mar 27, 2014

Does Your Mobile Visitors Raise Your Website Bounce Rate?

Responsive Web Design
If your are one of those many, who just log-in to analytics account to check total visitors, avg. time spent and bounce rate, and log-out, should dig more deeper about browsers and operating systems people are using to reach your website. According to a recent report published in eMarketer, US mobile search ad spending grew 120.8% in 2013. It is also stated in that report that Desktop search may see a decline of around $1.4 billion this year, as google users are shifting to mobile devices rapidly. Just think where your website stands in this figure?

Mar 20, 2014

Have You Optimized 7 Crucial Metrics in Your Paid Search Campaign?

Paid Search Campaign Optimization Checklist
For any SEM campaign, it sometimes gets really very hard for an expert to see what’s working and what’s not. There are various alerts that can help to run your campaigns successfully. If you have multiple campaigns in multiple platforms like Google, Yahoo or Bing, then you definitely need action triggers that can help you in solving the issues step-by-step.

Mar 13, 2014

What is Drip Email Marketing & How to Use it for Nurturing Dead Leads

Drip email marketing can be defined as an automation of pushing pre-designed emails in a sequence for staying in conversation with prospects to persuade them towards sales. Few people call it spamming, but in my words spamming is too-much and too-often of any activity, which drip email marketing is definitely not.

Mar 10, 2014

How to Write a Blog Post Title That Doesn't Kill Reader's Interest

Are you a beginner blogger like me? Do you also research a lot for blog title ideas while starting a blog? Personally I think it doesn't matter, it just has to be like a girl’s dress, “long enough to cover the subject and short enough to maintain the interest”. But knowing other’s opinion is as important as we want our opinions to be known by others. So I started reading about it. You will be amazed like I was to learn that there is a whole lot of science behind this.

Mar 6, 2014

How Rural India Will Influence MVAS - Mobile Value Added Services

The Mobile Value Added Service (MVAS) is definitely going to see a future in rural India. The use of mobile phones has increased in B class and C class cities. People from small towns and villages understand the usage of mobile phones. They are not using their mobile phones just for making and receiving calls but they are using it for sending SMS, listening to music, playing games, downloading short movie clips, viewing wallpaper of their favorite actor and actresses. The entry of cheaper handsets has driven the expansion of mobile usage in rural India.